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Ron Burgundy

The King is Back

Welcome to the world of Ron Burgundy meme token! Our project is a hilarious and engaging ERC-20 token built on the Binance Smart chain, and BRC20 $RON NFT on the Bitcoin Blockchain, inspired by the legendary news anchor from the hit movie "Anchorman", Ron Burgundy. Our token is designed to provide a fun and entertaining way for fans of the movie and memes alike to connect with each other and participate in the growing world of crypto.


Total Supply: 40,000,000,000 $COMEDYCASINO

Liquidity Pool (90%)

CEX Listing (8%)

Marketing (2%)

Contract Adress:


copy verified address

Want BRC20 $RON NFT?


Install UniSat wallet for your browser and follow their simple setup instructions.


Add BTC to your new wallet by transferring from an exchange (ex. Binance).


Connect UniSat wallet and mint $RON$RON.



You Stay Classy, San Diego

Milestones 1
- Develop a brand identity and messaging strategy
- Fair Launch
- Create Ron Burgundy Money Machine DEX (MVP) to test with early adopters
- Gather feedback and make necessary improvements to the MVP
- Launch the product and build a user base
Milestones 2
- Continue to improve the product and add new features based on user feedback
-Massive press campaign
- Develop partnerships with popular meme pages and influencers to expand reach
- Rewards to all BRC20 Holders
- Ron Burgundy ambassadors program
Milestones 3
- Reach 10,000+ Community
- Token creation
- Token added to DEX
- CEX Listing
- Rewards to all BRC20 Holders
- Scale the product to reach a larger audience and expand into new markets
- Explore potential opportunities for acquisitions or mergers to further grow the product and brand

Become a part of Ron Burgundy's News Team to lead the Memecoin X10000